The Vanity of Human Wishes (1749) and Two Rambler papers (1750) - Samuel Johnson

The Vanity of Human Wishes (1749) and Two Rambler papers (1750)

By Samuel Johnson

  • Release Date: 1784-01-01
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


The Vanity of Human Wishes was the first of his writings to bear his name on its face. It is freighted with a double cargo, the wisdom of two great civilizations, pagan and Christian. Although based upon Juvenal's tenth Satire, it is so free a paraphrase as to be an original poem. The Ramblers present to be moral essays. Every Man is sufficiently discontented with some Circumstances of his present State, to suffer his Imagination to range more or less in quest of future Happiness, and to fix upon some Point of Time, in which he shall, by the Removal of the Inconvenience which now perplexes him, or the Acquisition of Advantage which he at present wants, find his Condition of Life very much improved.