The Wisdom of Abortion - Kim Johnson

The Wisdom of Abortion

By Kim Johnson

  • Release Date: 2011-03-26
  • Genre: Christianity


The Wisdom of Abortion discusses the reasons a woman chooses abortion. It shows the immediate positive consequences of the abortion choice, as well as the long-term benefits - for the woman, for her children, for her family, and for her country. After a detailed account of what science says (and doesn't say) about fetal development, The Wisdom of Abortion debunks some popular myths about abortion and religion. It also has practical advice for the woman who is actively considering abortion.

There are many scholarly books, many anti-abortion books, and many books that give advice about how to "heal" and become "whole" again. But millions and millions of women don't choose, year after year, something that's wrong, that damages them, or that requires healing. Rather, they wisely choose what's best for them and their family. (60% of women who choose abortion have one or more children to support).

Too often, the wisdom of their decision is ignored. Too often, their story is left untold. The positive consequences, the immediate advantages and the long-term benefits of their choice are neglected.

The Wisdom of Abortion is a powerful, straightforward book that tells their story. It describes their reasons for choosing abortion, the benefits of abortion, and, indeed, the wisdom of abortion.

In the world forty-six million women choose abortion
In the U.S. over a million women.
Each and every year.


For very good reasons.